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Maria Fux – Creator of Dancetherapy

María Fux is an Argentinean dancer and choreographer, creator of Dancetherapy.

She has her own aesthetics and an understanding of dance as a path to the fullness of the expressive potential that everyone has.

Her work is integrative, having in her classes students with Down syndrome, the deaf, the mentally disabled, people with isolation or loneliness problems, the elderly, among others.

Pio Campo – Directs the International Dancetherapy Center in harmony with María Fux


Italian dancetherapist, trained since 1992 with Mestra Maria Fux at the Centro Creativo de Dancetherapy in Buenos Aires and at the Quadrennial School for Operators in DanzaMovimentoTerapia method Maria Fux – Directed by Lilia Bertelli from Firenze, Italy. Co-founder of the Vila Esperança Cultural Space in the City of Goiás, he participated in the creation and development of social, educational and cultural actions with the local community. He worked for 20 years as a Dancetherapist and clown at Grupo Circo Alegria do Povo, guiding dance experiences with children, teenagers and adults, performing shows and participating in popular movements.
A forerunner of Dancetherapy combined with the educational process, he accompanied groups from Kindergarten to High School, carrying out interdisciplinary projects through dancetherapy experiences and creativity with movement, specifically at the Odé Kayodê Pluricultural School, at Coopecigo and at several Universities. He introduced Dancetherapy in the contexts of Asilo São Vicente de Paula, Chácara de Recuperação Paraíso, Colônia Santa Marta, in different hospitals and institutions in Italy, and in Shelters in Nepal, establishing bonds that last until today. Still in the City of Goiás, for fifteen years, he accompanied diverse groups, assisting people of different ages and particularities and guided research groups of the movement, formed by educators and students, allowing a deep contact with the pillars and essence of Dancetherapy. In 2002 he inaugurated with María Fux the Center that bears the name of the great Master and that presents itself as a theoretical-practical reference of the methodology in Brazil, Italy and India. It currently promotes experiences in Colleges, Rehabilitation Centers, Recovery Centers for drug addicts, Education Centers and carries out a permanent work of experiences in several institutions.
She is permanently involved in Dancetherapy Training in Brazil, Italy and the East. He is a member of the CID – International Council of Dance by Unesco and responsible for the promotion and realization of the Intensive International Meeting of Dancetherapy.
Publications: “La strada chiede vita” – “Gli occhi e il vento”. He writes articles in Radié Resch Magazine – Italy.

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“Life with Maria Fux, a life transformed by dancing, by our conversations, socializing, coffees… And even by the silences that took shape and danced with Maria.”