What is it?

Dancetherapy is a way of reappropriating body language through creative stimuli that favor the conjunction of movement with the unique and living “feeling” of each human being. The Maria Fux Method is based on the possibility of a change that allows one to step out and gradually abandon rigidity, fear, instability, regardless of the psychic, physical and social state of each one.

The human body is naturally predisposed to movement. The skin, the muscles, the bone structure are a constant invitation to dance conceived as a deep capacity for expression, communication, relationship. When, due to illness, trauma, depression or loss of interest in what is around us, we move away from ourselves and enter the nebulous fields of “not feeling”, dancetherapy is also a movement of affirmation and recovery. of identity itself, can lead back to the dimension of pleasure, balance, creation. This practice does not replace clinical, medical or psychological interventions, but complements them by taking other paths linked to affectivity, sensitivity, emotion. In the years dedicated to understanding and deepening this language, I was able to cross geographic spaces, different ages, different human states by culture, physical characteristics and social conditions. Thus, I tried to understand the common root that connects each human being to his capacity for expression beyond external and internal barriers of any nature.

It is undoubtedly an endless journey, but I feel that, in man’s secret and common desire to return to the house of Love, dancetherapy indicates a direction. What guides me is having met human beings that I saw breathing again after long, sometimes infinite, apneas.

I dedicate to you, whom I call Joana, Francisco, Maria, Antônia, the whole meaning of my search. One morning, in a hospital room where you were having a stroke, after two years of semi-paralysis and in a wheelchair, you got up saying: “I remembered being alive!”. Thanks to you and to those like you who find the courage to say “yes”, I too continue dancing.”

Pio Campo


As it happens?

Dancetherapy offers a vast area of activity and is aimed at children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, and is applied in the field of education and rehabilitation with people who have relational or psychological difficulties, physical or sensory deficiencies.

The language of movement, the foundation of the existential and relational dimension, is an irreplaceable resource for evolutionary transformations in situations where severe regression or incomplete development of symbolization processes make resources based on verbal language and logical capabilities problematic or insufficient. -analytical.

But a dancetherapy route is also aimed at those who seek to expand their own relationship skills by overcoming emotional blocks, rigidity in posture, fear of contact with others, difficulties with themselves and with their own body.

What is Dancetherapy for Pio Campo